Window AC Vs. Split AC: Which One Should I Buy?

With Australian summers becoming extremely harsh, it has become necessary to have a cooling system at home. However, not everyone can afford central AC or HVAC systems, and that’s when split and window ACs of brands like GREE come into the picture.

But which one is better- split or window? How to determine which alternative is better?

If you have similar questions, consider your questions answered, as this article has all the relevant information.

Let’s begin without further delay.

Difference Between Split AC and Window AC.

In order to understand the AC better, you first have to understand the difference. Here is a list of all the comparison parameters that you need to look at-

Electricity Consumption.

Australia’s residential energy consumption has witnessed a dip recently, which is great. And being a responsible citizen, you must take both of these systems’ energy efficiency/consumption into account.  

The electricity consumption by both of these ACs is more or less the same if used for the same amount of time. However, the difference comes into the picture because of the cooling capacity.

As the split ACs cool down the room faster than window ACs, people tend to use them for a lesser time. Hence, the electricity consumption by split AC units is comparatively less when compared to the window AC.

Tonnage Capacity or Cooling Capacity.

The tonnage capacity defines the cooling capacity of any AC system. So, the higher the tonnage capacity, the better will be the cooling capacity.

Window ACs are usually available only up to 2 tons capacity, making them inferior to split ACs. So, if you have a big room, split AC is the pick for you.

Additionally, do note that the window air conditioner leasing software has cooling capacity and energy efficiency that can vary significantly from model to model. 


The main difference is that window air conditioners have one unit, while split air conditioners have two units (indoor and outdoor). And this additional unit increases the maintenance costs of a split AC compared to the window AC. 

Additional Unit equals additional care and maintenance costs.


Window ACs require more space than split ones because it has everything in one unit. So, you will either have to dedicate an entire window or make space in the wall for the former. However, with split AC, you just need to dedicate a small wall section, and you are good to go.

Window ACs can completely disrupt the aesthetic appeal of your room because of the space requirement.


Split ACs are costlier when compared to window ACs, even when the tonnage is the same. The extra unit, better cooling capacity, and energy efficiency.

Hence, window ACs are perfect for people who have a tight budget or are unwilling to spend extra bucks for the same tonnage.


You would be using your AC for hours in a day, and if the AC produces annoying noise, it will become unbearable. And that’s exactly what will happen if you choose window ACs as they are pretty noisy.

So, if you don’t want the noise to bother you, split ACs are the best choice.

Final Verdict.

A split can give you long-term energy savings compared to window air conditioners. Unlike window air conditioners, you can also use split AC to heat a home during the winter months.

Hence, buying a split AC from reputed brands like GREE is always better. 

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