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Why is lock rekeying sometimes better than lock replacement?

Whether you have just moved into a new home or you have been in the same house for a while, it may be a good time to consider changing the locks on your home, or maybe, rekeying the door.  Do you know how to change a lock or rekeying? Or which one is the best for you? It is important to maintain security in your home to protect the lives of your loved ones and yourself, that is why it is recommended to change the locks when buying a new home to optimize the security of that home, you never know what can happen!

You may have some questions, such as: should you change the key or the locks at home? Which one gives me more security? Does your warranty cover it? Read on to learn the answers to these questions.

When to change a lock.

When it’s time to change a lock, you or a locksmith should remove the old hardware from the door and replace it with new hardware. You’ll have all new locks and keys, but changing locks can be expensive and isn’t always necessary. You should only change the locks if you want or need new ones, as it is usually more expensive than simply changing the key. For example, if your locks are old and worn out, changing them will be a better option than changing the keys again. The same is the case if you want to replace your locks with newer, more secure or upgraded electronic locks.

If all the doors in your house have different brand locks and you want to be able to open them all with the same key, you may have to change all the locks so that they can be opened by the same key. If you have lost the key to a lock, changing the entire cylinder may be cheaper than ordering a new key, although a locksmith may be able to make a key from scratch, even if you don’t have the old one.

When to change lock keys.

When lock keys are changed, the lock mechanism is altered so that the old key will no longer open the lock.

Instead, a new key will be needed. In many circumstances, changing the key in a lock makes more sense than changing the lock itself and the job becomes quicker. For example, if all your locks are the same brand or have the same type, but use different keys, you can have the locks rekeyed with the same key.

If you have lost a copy of your old key and are afraid that someone might find it and gain access to your home, you can rekey your locks so that the old key no longer works, thus preventing unwanted visitors.

You already know the advantages of changing locks or, failing that, modifying the keys, which fulfill the role of increasing the security of your property and present you with options in such a circumstance.

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