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What is off page SEO?

Off Page SEO includes a variety of tactics. One of the most effective is link building, which is basically gathering votes for your website. More votes equals more chance of bypassing your competitors and rising higher in the rankings. You can build links to your website by getting other people to mention your article on their blog. This is a great way to get more links and improve your ranking. Also, make sure your content is of high quality, as it will draw natural links and clicks.

Another off page SEO strategy is getting your brand mentioned. Brand mentions are more trustworthy than links, as the host site has nothing to gain from the link. However, this technique is getting harder to use as Google gets more aggressive, and is cracking down on this tactic. You can monitor the presence of your brand on popular websites by signing up for Semrush, a free tool that allows you to track where your name is mentioned.

Final Opinion

When people see your brand mentioned on another website, they feel more trusting. A brand mention has no advantage for the host site, and is more reliable than a link. But if you have been using these strategies, you will soon be disappointed. Many of them don’t work, and you will likely have to try different methods to get your brand mentioned. You’ll be glad you did, and your rankings will grow!

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