What is a Corresponding Angle?

The term corresponding describes two objects that have similar characteristics, and is commonly used in geometry. The word derives from Latin roots cor-, meaning together, and respondere, meaning to answer. It also has other meanings, such as resembling, similar, and accompanying. A pair of corresponding angles is created by cutting parallel lines. For example, two angles that are 70deg apart would be corresponding. In mathematics, a corresponding angle is a line segment.

This property relates to the matching of angles and sides. The two corresponding angles and sides of a polygon must be located at the same point. This property makes it possible to match the corresponding sides of a triangle to an equal-length rectangle. A corresponding side or angle is located on the same spot in two different shapes. In geometry, the ith side or angle in a sequence of elements is considered a corresponding angle.

Final Opinion

A corresponding angle is always congruent with another one. It is not related to its opposite or vertically-opposite sides. The two sides of a triangle are congruent when their transversal intersects two parallel lines. In geometrical terms, this means that a pair of corresponding angles is identical. For example, a corresponding angle in a triangle is contained by the corresponding angles of two similar triangles.

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