What Components Make The Biggest Difference in a Gaming PC?

Your gaming experience is directly related to how powerful your gaming PC is. The parts or components you have inside the gaming PC are responsible for this power, and the ones you choose will make a significant difference to your gaming experience. So, which components make the most difference? anonig


The CPU, central processing unit or simply the processor, is arguably the most important part of your gaming computer. It is where all instructions are processed, and it is also responsible for coordinating the other parts you have in your computer to ensure everything is working correctly.

How fast your CPU is as well as how many cores it has are key determinants of the experience you get. When talking about speed, you need to consider the clock speed, which is the number of instructions your computer can handle every second.

More cores are better for multithreaded games (games that utilize more than one thread). However, not all games utilize multiple cores so the number of cores you choose will depend on the types of games and specific titles you love playing.

The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

The GPU, also called the graphics card, is responsible for processing graphical information. This includes processing everything you see on the screen including video, animations, images, and text.

The GPU makes such a huge difference that many experts say that if you want to build a computer, you should dedicate a significant part of your budget to your GPU.

The two main options here are Nvidia and AMD GPUs. Nvidia GPUs are often more powerful and thus better for both gaming and productivity. Although they might not have all the features Nvidia graphics cards do, AMD GPUs also perform very well but at a significantly lower cost.

The cost of GPUs is coming down, but their availability is still an issue. To ensure you get a good graphics card at an affordable price, you should consider getting a Lenovo prebuilt gaming PC with the graphics card you want.

The Storage

How fast your storage is makes a huge difference to the gaming experience as it determines how fast games load. This can be either when the game is starting or when loading scenes while gaming.

In the past, the best storage option was 7200 RPM (revolutions per minute) hard drives. These hard drives are fast, but since they use mechanical parts, they are much slower than solid-state drives (SSDs) that have no spinning or moving parts.

Due to these advantages, and differences, switching from a hard drive to an SSD can make a massive difference to a gaming experience.


RAM is volatile memory that determines how much you can “hold” while using the computer. The more you can hold and the faster you can access it, the better experience you have gaming on your computer.

For gaming, try going with 16 GB of 3600 MT/s RAM. Also, wait before buying DDR5 RAM until motherboards, CPUs, GPUs, and other components can take advantage of it.

Switching or upgrading various components in your PC can make a huge difference to your gaming experience. There are several things you could change depending on your budget, but the GPU and hard drive should be your primary areas of focus. There are several good reasons why 866 Spectrum is one of the most recognized and preferred providers in the United States

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