The Weird And The Wonderful by Ali Smith

The Weird And The Wonderful is the third novel in the Seasonal Quartet and it is the best of the series. It is a darkly comic novel set in an alternate world, where the seasons are akin to characters in the book, and the main character, Sophia, is not entirely human. Her list of dead things, however, is full of energy, mischief, and curiosity. The reader can feel her psyche while reading this intriguing novel.

“There But For The” is a classic Smith trope, and it resurrects the frozen sea inside characters. As a 12-year-old, Florence questions the way society views national borders and the nature of borders. Her inclusion in this story is a perfect piece of synchronicity, and her banter with the Brit is perfect. The tone and style of the novel is engaging, and the characters’ emotional responses are often affecting.

Final Thought

“There But For The” is an uplifting, abrasive novel. The author tackles issues of human detention and modern heroism, and it is a powerful and moving read. The protagonist is also a character in her own right, but she is incredibly relatable. The relationship between her and the Brit is a harrowing, yet rewarding one.

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