The Effect of Covid 19 on the gambling industry of Sweden

A new report from the Swedish gaming agency Spelinspektionen, which came out this week, says that COVID-19’s harmful effects on gambling have not yet made a difference. Spelinspektionen, on the other hand, says that the regulators and responsible authorities need more time to look into the full effects of the decision. At the earliest, we won’t have these numbers until late 2021.

The Swedish National Gamblers’ Association doesn’t expect to get the first data on how the new coronavirus affects problem gamblers until 2021. More accurate numbers are expected in the first half of 2022. Anders K. Hkansson of the University of Lund says that problem and at-risk gamblers may spend more money than before. There’s no way to know if the pandemic has made people gamble more or less. When sports betting was made illegal, many people who used to bet on sports started betting on other things, like iGaming.

The number of calls to Stodlinjen, Sweden’s official gambling helpline, fell by May. There were more reports of online poker and casino players having problems. Self-testing by people interested in Stodlinjen didn’t show any significant rise. Not much changed in the levels.

The Spelberoendes Riksforbund says that Swedish players may still be able to get to illegal gambling sites. has gotten a lot of complaints about offshore bookies and casinos that target players who have kicked themselves out. You can win big slots from Bizzo casino login.

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As a result, online gaming has brought in more money. According to early data, the contributions of Swedish players in May were up 6% from the same month last year. On the other hand, Svenska Spel’s lotteries and slot machines are going down in a big way. Spelinspektionen says that the data may not be because of COVID-19 but rather because payouts have been less successful. Sweden has a lot of laws against gambling because it is so far away from other countries. Keep in mind that Sweden’s restrictions have never been as strict as those of other countries. Spelinspektionen and the Minister of Health have come up with a set of steps to reduce weekly deposits and playing time, but.

Representatives of the Swedish gambling industry to operators asked for more information about the measures earlier this week because different operators had done different things. In bizzo casino, there are huge bonus for players.

A report from the Swedish Gaming Inspectorate (Spelinspektionen) says that a new pandemic of the new coronavirus (Covid-19) will affect the number of people who have problems with gambling by the end of 2020 at the latest. A new study from Sweden’s Gaming Inspectorate says that if you have a gambling problem, you won’t feel the full effects of this epidemic until at least 2020. (Spelinspektionen).

The Swedish Association of Gambling Addicts says that it won’t be possible to tell until the fall of this year if the crisis has caused more people to become addicted to gambling or act in harmful ways when they do (Spelberoendes Riksforbund).

A report says that many people who used to only bet on sports are now betting on other things because of the pandemic. Since sports had started up again, these gamblers had kept betting on a wide range of markets.

Solingen, Sweden’s national helpline for people with gambling problems, said that it got fewer calls in May but that the people who did call had problems with things like online casinos, betting on horse races, and poker. On the other hand, fewer people complained about sports betting and slot machines.

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