The Basics of Making Your Own School Badges

The Basics of Making Your Own School Badges

Some schools might ask their IT specialist to work with the marketing group to develop a school badge that will be given to all new students. If the school is brand new, there probably isn’t a manual to follow. 

For schools that have already used wooden pins badges, all that is required is retrieving the template and having the badges processed by a professional. 

When making a school badge from scratch for the first time, there are crucial guidelines to adhere to. These recommendations will result in significant financial savings for the school and great results.

Selecting from a Selection of Paid and Free Online Badge Templates

There are many free or inexpensive badge templates now that technology has advanced. Most of them can help you design and produce a badge that will attract attention and improve the reputation of your school.

Here, choosing the ideal design is the first step in the process. Each illustration shows how the school symbol will look once it has been changed to include the school logo and any other messages you have already chosen. 

Experts at Rocket Badge, a company that produces custom badges, advise hiring a specialist for a fee. These professionals will guarantee that your finished product is the most attractive.

The physical badge should be created by a professional.

Many websites on the internet that let people create badges don’t actually do any work. However, some people will go ahead and provide these services, greatly simplifying your work. Particularly if their templates are paid for, the majority are qualified specialists who have a reputation to preserve.

It is advised that you thoroughly examine the company’s services and the locations of its suppliers if you have the design in soft copy and wish to employ a separate specialist to create the school badges. 

Precise finishing, in addition to the wood pins badge’s design and substance, are crucial in determining whether it will be worn by students or discarded. It is crucial to emphasise the usage of genuine colour, a lightweight badge that is the ideal size, and a badge with smooth edges that won’t pull out threads or harm cloth.


The distribution of your expertly created school badges is the following stage. Management needs to give this critical choice great consideration. Will all students receive the badges, or only some of them?

Online Badge Creation Instructions

Are you planning a business meeting or a school event? A school photo for your institution, a company logo and tagline for your business, and individual photos for social gatherings can all be used to create custom badges.

Step 1: Choose a badge design template 

The initial step is to select the preferred form under “badge design defaults.” Selecting a shape that is related to your brand is crucial. Find a design template that relates to the occasion’s theme and emotion as well.

Step 2: Insert Words Enter words to specify the badge’s context. It might be required for enrollment, an award, academic excellence, or employee recognition.

Step 3: Select a font

Choose a typeface that is simple to read and readable because badges are displayed in a variety of sizes. Pick a typeface that is suitable for the situation. It could be awarded for passing a training programme, joining, or any other  biographycon activity.

Step 4: Coordinate the logo and colour scheme 

Include your logo and colour schemes that suit with your brand to keep the logo basic and appealing. To add colour to your brand image, select the “Elements” tab. The colour wheel tool can also be used to recolor an icon to highlight the proper colour. To obtain the appropriate brand colours for the badge, you can also use a unique hexode.

Step 5: Add pictures and a background 

You don’t need to take sdasrinagar photographs and scale them to fit on the badge if you want to use one. Just include a photo in your card design. You only need to submit a JPG, SVG, or PNG file of a picture from your computer. The image can simply be dragged and dropped to the desired spot on the badge.

Using the upload tool, you may give your design a background. It will enhance the brand representation of your badge.

Step 6: Download and print 

You can use Canva Print to create high-quality prints of your customised badge after downloading it and saving it as a PDF, JPG, or PNG. The project can be opened and edited whenever you need to in the future.

Guidelines for Online Custom Badge Purchase

When looking for a customised logo online, keep the following in mind:

When choosing a personalised emblem, size is a crucial factor. Based on the information the badge should contain, you should choose it. Make sure the insignia is the right size—not too small to go unnoticed and not too big to appear absurd.

An appropriate font size

Most people choose small text sizes when creating custom badges. This discourages conversation and prevents efficient networking. Make sure to order a custom badge in the appropriate font size. Long names should also be used.

Outstanding Background

The badge loses its effectiveness when the wrong background is utilised since the writing is difficult to read. Different coloured or patterned backgrounds should be avoided because they are distracting. Select colours that stand out and draw attention to the desired effect.


In addition to separating people from the crowd, badges also honour achievements. With the help of, you can quickly create fantastic badges to share and download.

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