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Social Media Optimization is the process of using social media

For anyone who has created a website, created content, or spun online channels for business and has tried to use Digital Marketing in marketing a lot, whether it’s SEO, SEM or the use of various Social Media, but wants to find a strategy. Do more new marketing to help drive the business to grow more quickly.

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In this article,we do not miss to pick up another technique that many people may not have heard to explain to you, namely Social Media Optimization. Let’s see how this technique works. and how to do it

SMO or Social Media Optimization is the process of using social media as a medium to expand brand awareness (Brand Awareness) in the online world by focusing on social media platforms (Social Media Platform).

such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc. to interact with people. to make visitors on various social media channels access to the website in another way

On the side of doing SEO or Search Engine Optimization, it also has the merit of doing Social Media Optimization as well.

Because doing SMO helps to make the website easier to connect with various social networks, making those channels to be found on the Search Engine more and also creating the opportunity to make a lot of backlinks back to your website. up as well

Should businesses do Social Media Optimization or Search Engine Optimization?

Many people may wonder whether they should choose to do Social Media Optimization or Search Engine Optimization more? This depends on the purpose of the business, for example if you want to make an impact. Emphasis on the use of fast-paced flows

If there is enough creative team to deliver the content appropriately to different social media platforms, the SMO technique is more suitable. Because it is relatively cheaper than SEO and can generate results faster.

But SEO is a long-term and more effective method in the long run. Plus, you don’t need to play with the trend all the time. Just focus on doing Evergreen Content related to business. And doing it correctly, doing On-Page SEO and focusing on improving it regularly helps make Content that is invincible on the SERPs page, of course, can affect the traffic that comes to the website in the long term as well.

Therefore, the best way is to use both SEO and SEO techniques together to promote the game both in the short and long term. which may divide the proportion of marketing appropriately

For example, in the beginning, focusing on building a website and laying some SEO fundamentals first, then doing SMO to make people know and lead people to use your website, lead may be collected for further retargeting later. It will help the marketing to complete the Marketing Funnel loop even more.

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