Sexual Harassment at Your Workplace- Confront it Right Away

We go to work every day to follow our dreams and build promising careers. We spend more time in the office than in our homes. However, if things turn sour for us in the workplace, our dreams will be shattered. Sexual harassment at the workplace not only affects us physically but also mentally, emotionally and financially. If you are confused about what to do, you should contact a San Antonio sexual harassment attorney so that you get the answers to all your queries.

Types of sexual harassment 

Every case is different as the abuser may harass you in different ways. Some of the forms of sexual harassment are listed below:

  • Promising promotions in return for sexual favors
  • Exchanging emails, texts messages, photos and videos containing pornography
  • Unwelcoming touching, caressing and pinching
  • Comments about dressing, body parts and appearance
  • Rape and molestation
  • Asking for dining out even after denying

Don’t remain silent 

Statistics reveal the fact that most sexual harassment cases are left unreported. The numbers we see and read in the newspaper are lesser than the actual ones. The main reason is that the victim does not want to spoil the reputation of the family and her career. Sexual harassment is not legal anywhere in the world. Several laws and regulations are laid down for the safety of females, children and even males. We should always handle such cases in a legal manner so that the harasser stops his actions right away.

If things not going the right way in your office, you should check with the human resource department or your immediate reporting manager. In case, nothing is working out for you, hiring a sexual harassment lawyer can save you from a lot of hassles. 

Responsibility of your employer

If you are harassed at your workplace, your employer must listen to you properly and investigate the case. In many cases, the employer tends to behave indifferently, which can worsen the matter. You may want to change your job location or department and your employer should give you the full support in doing so. However, if the company is pressurizing you not to file a formal case, you must think about hiring an attorney.

Besides that, an employer does not have the right to fire you from the company if you have filed litigation against an employee or the employer himself. A good sexual harassment lawyer can help you at every step. 

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