May 18, 2021
Hyderabad inaugurates the first Indian R& D facility of OnePlus

Hyderabad inaugurates the first Indian R& D facility of OnePlus

The importance of India as a market for OnePlus gets reinstated as the company recently inaugurated an R&D facility in Hyderabad, the first one ever in India. Additionally, the company plans to make it its biggest R&D facility all across the globe as over the course of next three years, an amount of Rs. 1,000 crore will be invested in the Hyderabad facility. The company has stated that apart from playing the crucial role in the development if AI and Machine learning in its company’s products, the facility will also drive innovations focusing on the company’s Indian community. Hyderabad being one of the biggest IT hubs of India will also help them in leveraging for the experience and talent that it has to offer.

The founder and CEO of OnePlus, Pete Lau said that there will be a special emphasis on Artificial Intelligence, 5G and IoT as the company plans to re- focus its R&D efforts on large scale and drive innovations in India for the global product. The Hyderabad centre is being planned to help grow into the largest in the world in the coming three years he added.

Former minister of Telangana KT Rama Rao and the principal secretary for IT and Industries Jayesh Rajan inaugurated the OnePlus R&D facility alongside Pete Lau. The vice president and R&D heald for OnePlus India, Ramagopala Reddy Palukuri will head the new facility.

Apsrt from a camera lab that OnePlus has in Taiwan, the Hyderabad facility will also house one of those which will be the Indian counterpart to the one in Taiwan. Communications and networking labs and automation labs will also be a part of the facility. Camera development, 5G testing, software with a focus on AI and performance testing will be the main areas of functions for these labs.

The other areas of focus for the facility include OxygenOS native apps, global product development, software innovation and testing, network and Global Carrier Customization. The first OnePlus Experience Store of the country will also be set up in Hyderabad.

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