How to Prepare and Serve Communion

During communion, you can stand or kneel at the altar rail. You can hold out your hands and receive the bread and wine symbolically. Then, you return to your pew and wait for the person holding the cup to say, “This is the blood of Christ shed for you.” Once you’ve received your Communion, you can pray quietly or sing along to the music. The Priest will bring the bread and wine to you. If you have mobility issues, you can ask for gluten-free wafers.

As a Christian, you will be asked to take a small piece of bread and drink wine during communion. This practice has been practiced by Christians for thousands of years. It’s also known as the Lord’s Supper or Eucharist. The bread and wine are symbols of Jesus’ body and blood, so if you receive it at church, you’re sharing in the body and blood of Jesus. You’ll receive a piece of bread and drink from another Christian who has received it.

Final Thought

The Bible doesn’t prescribe a specific method for preparing and serving communion. But you can always follow the guidelines that your church sets forth. In general, focus on Jesus and his work for us. This will help you grow closer to Christ. If you’d like to share some Scripture passages before and after the ceremony, you can read them during the service. This will help you connect with the congregation and help the other believers. If you’re serving communion, you might want to include a few verses in your sermons.

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