How to Make Your Tub More Comfortable With Bath Pillows

Baths, in theory, make us feel comfortable. They create moments of relaxation, where we can temporarily disconnect from the stress of everyday life and be in the moment. A bathtub is warm and soothing. For many who are fortunate to have a bathtub, it’s a mini spa and the only escape from stress. But in reality, bathtubs can hurt or be wildly uncomfortable. The ceramic edges are painful to rest on, no matter how smooth they might appear, and they never quite get the curvature of the back. So, that relaxing 30-minute bath can quickly turn into a quick 10-minute soak just to avoid the backache later on. Fortunately, there is another way to enjoy this much-needed self-care ritual. Using a bath pillow!

Bath pillows can instantly transform your bathtub into the mental dream vacation you’ve wanted. Here’s how to make your tub more comfortable with bath pillows.

Choose one with neck and back support

Really great bath pillows come with a soft foam that supports more than the neck, like the common bathtub pillow, it also supports your back. Short term you might not think about how a bath pillow impacts your day or your week. But a supportive headrest with a curved back that supports the spine, neck, back, and shoulders doesn’t only provide temporary comfort, but it ensures proper alignment of your upper body. This eases away any tension, long-term, as it combines with the heat of the tub water to provide a truly relaxing experience that makes your tub more comfortable.

Make sure it doesn’t slip

Sure, you could save money and use a blanket or towel instead of a bath pillow. All you need to do is fold it up, roll it underneath your neck, and lay back. But the problem with a fold or roll is it’ll slip or slide right into the tub—and no one wants a wet mess. Instead, a well-made bath pillow has suction cups so that it sticks the entire duration you need it. You won’t have to adjust it time and time again. And you won’t need to fear to doze off into a blissful state, in case your headrest falls into the water and you hit your head. With suction cups, you can put your mind at ease and easily make your tub more comfortable with your bath pillow. Plus, a good bath pillow is made of a mesh that will prevent any water build-up inside of it for quick-drying comfort.

Get one with pockets

Bath pillows are a great accessory to have for the most needed of days when a quick shower just can’t wash away the stress of the day. But in the tub you’ll need more than just a pillow, you’ll need certain bathtub essentials. An extra benefit of a bath pillow is that it has side pockets that will hold all of your favorite tub accessories—washcloth, loofah, razor, bath bubbles. It might seem like a second thought, but how many times have you finally relaxed, and begun to soak in the tub only to realize you forgot something that’s out of reach? Now you’re all wet and you don’t want to wet your towel just to grab something a few feet away. And getting out will only make the floor more slippery. That’s where side pockets really come in handy. You can put everything you need right within arms reach, and not worry about forgetting anything when you need it.

Find a place to easily store it

A good bath pillow is more than quick-drying, it also comes with a hook so you can easily hang it on the shower rod or along with your towel rack. This ensures you have it readily available whenever you need it. Part of making your tub more comfortable with bath pillows is to have a convenient place to store them once you’re finished that’s not out of sight and out of mind but rather just a quick arm reach away.

Put it in the washer every few uses

The best way to make sure your tub remains comfortable with bath pillows is to have them last and be as clean as you are. Machine washable bath pillows help to avoid mildew or other unpleasant things that can happen in your bathroom, as a result of being damp and dark. Once a week, or once every few uses, through your bath pillow in the washer so that it can last you for all the at-home spa moments you’ll need it.

Bath pillows really are the accessory for your bathtub that you always wanted but perhaps never knew how badly you needed it. You’ll instantly transform your ordinary bath into something out of a spa with a single purchase that relaxes your mind, body, and muscles.

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