How to Choose Boots for Lady? Here are Five Tips You Need to Know!

Boots are a perfect option as they are a timeless type of women’s shoe and there is a huge range of models. However, not all boots go with everyone, since the same model can optically modify (for better or worse) the proportions of the body. That is why it is important to know how to choose boots.

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One of the most important aspects that most women ignore when choosing shoes is comfort. It does not matter if you use the most beautiful heels in your outfit, if they are not comfortable, it is not worth it. And the same thing happens with boots, with them you will look much more sexy and elegant, but never leave comfort aside. Therefore buying quality products like Dublin Boots is highly recommended. Quality cannot be judged by price. Here are some tips on how to choose women’s boots that will help you in your choice.

1.- How to Choose Boots: Color

We can’t deny that colorful boots look beautiful, but you can’t wear them with just any outfit. On the contrary, if you wear black boots or in more neutral tones such as coffee, you have the upper hand. Whether you’re wearing your favorite jeans or a colorful skirt, black boots can add a touch of style to your outfit. Matte colors slim you down, while bright hues add pounds. It is not convenient that the shoe is the star of the wardrobe, since few women have perfect legs. If you want to play around with the look a bit, you can wear some statement hosiery that sticks out or choose cuffed boots.

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2.- How to Choose Boots: The life cycle

Unlike heels or sports shoes, leather boots have a much longer life cycle. You can use them regularly, and they will not lose their shine and elegance. The best thing about leather boots is that they are warm and comfortable.

3.- How to Choose Boots: The outfit

The only limitation of the boots is that you cannot wear them with evening dresses. However, you can use them with different types of casual dresses. Whether for work, school or a relaxing afternoon, boots with dresses are today’s trend.

4.- How to Choose Boots: The type of heel and toe

To achieve an optimal and proportionate image, the heel of the boot must be in relation to the total height of the person. Be very careful with exaggerating the platforms when you are short as it can create the opposite effect, it is usually called the “effect on the bench”. The toe of the boot is another factor to consider. The rounded one is more flattering than the square one. Touch here buzfeed Click here magazinevibes Visit here theedgesearch Touch here thenewsinsider Visit this website soap2day Learn more about healthworldnews

5.- How to Choose Boots: Your body and proportions

Beyond being super trendy, the essential thing is to choose the boots adapting the trends to your personal style, your proportions and your body type.

Did you find these tips useful? We hope so!

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