How Addictive Behaviour Can Affect Family Life

Addicts are driven by a compulsion to use drugs, alcohol, or other stimulants. These behaviors are a type of psychological addiction and they can cause a person to suffer from many psychological problems. These substances can lead to a person’s demise if they are abused. An addict’s behavior can also affect their family. An abuser’s parents or relatives can become preoccupied with their addicted family member’s financial and employment problems. The addiction can even make them aggressive towards their addicted spouse or partner.

In some cases, an addict will ask the elders for money to continue their addictive behaviour. The elders, usually those they are emotionally attached to, may give in, reinforcing the addict’s dependency on them. These individuals may also have quit their jobs and rely on their relatives for their daily expenses. The neighbours and family of these people might become irritated or discriminatory, especially if they try to hide the addict’s addiction from them.

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In a post-hoc rationalisation of irrational behaviour, an addict might feel compelled to engage in addictive behaviour. This post-hoc rationalisation has no causal force and is often a result of the addict noticing that the activity is no longer providing them with pleasure. When people realise that they are unable to get pleasure from their addiction, they may feel compelled to continue using. This may lead to a relapse.

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