Fields of Study at Fletcher College

One of the most popular fields of study at Fletcher is the social sciences, which includes anthropology, geography, history, and economics. Graduates from these disciplines can go on to have a variety of careers. They often become teachers or go on to do advanced studies. Others are writers, consultants, and researchers. Courses in social sciences at Fletcher can include courses like U.S. history from 1865 to the present, introduction to sociology, and the history of economic theory.

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A field of study course is a graduate-level course that introduces students to primary disciplines and related ones. It is based on generating hypotheses and is limited to measurable, repeatable phenomena. It is also a methodical way to gain knowledge about an academic discipline, such as agriculture or biology. Many fields of study emphasize quantitative and qualitative analysis. It’s not unusual to find courses in two or three different disciplines at the same college or university.

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A student who is self-taught can become a specialist in one field or specialize in a field of study. For example, a self-taught biologist may specialize in the science of genetics. In either case, they have chosen the discipline for personal reasons. But a generalist or specialist may want to pursue a career in the field of medicine. In addition to being a medical doctor, a doctor in this field can prescribe medications to help people with mental illness.

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