David Bolno On why he helped establish a University of Pennsylvania Scholarship Fund

LA based super successful business manager David Bolno is a great advocate of giving back to the community. He professes need of the same and as a prove that he himself practice philanthropy he has established a University of Pennsylvania Scholarship Fund.

Before we start off with why he helped establish a University of Pennsylvania Scholarship Fund, let us know him.

David Bolno has achieved success in the multiple fields. He is a successful business manager, top entertainer and a well-known philanthropist. He spends a good amount of time with all high-profile musicians, actors and athletes. He has also worked with several start-up companies and has assisted them to evaluate their capital so that they can move forward to the path of success.

He has created a “Bolno-Pineles Family Scholarship Fund that is meant exclusively for supporting University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine Students. In this fund preference is given to the students having interest in the Jewish studies and culture.

When asked about the fund, Bolno explains that he finds joy in these acts of giving. In these types of acts of giving and has helped several units raise funds, organized charity shows etc. This is what he said

He understands the significance of education:

David Bolno is an alumnus of Duke and Temple University. He is well aware about significance of education and has been helpful to all those who look forward to acquiring college level learning.

The fund supports students of Jewish heritage who look forward to attend medical school.

He believes in continual learning and progression:

According to David Bolno, continual learning is what makes you. He professes the need of moving forward continually in the career by learning and acquiring knowledge that can make a huge difference.

David Bolno recommends the need of learning continually to the aspirants who want to have a good career. He thought of starting this fund because it can support his purpose of giving back to the community and helping students move forward to grow and expand.

David Bolno has been an epitome of success who has always taught that it is act of compassion and giving that matters and influence the future generation. This fund started by him suggests that he keeps on indulging in these types of acts that supports humanity.

If you want to get the best out of your life do not focus on accumulating wealth, name and fame alone. Of course, these things will come along when you indulge in the activities of compassion, giving back and generosity. So, look no further and make a difference to the world like David Bolno did by starting this fund and others acts of humanity. 

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