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Buy This New Blackstone Griddles a Recent Addition of BBQs 2u!

Those who are foodies will surely know about BBQs 2u and the delicious grilled foods that were available. Now BBQs 2u has ensured that people can prepare all these foods at their homes too!

BBQs 2u started selling ovens from a few of the top brands of grilling ovens in the UK. Now another new model Blackstone Griddles has been included along with Ooni, Kamado Joe, Masterbuilt, and Napoleon pizza ovens.

All details about this new model can be found at https://www.bbqs2u.co.uk/blackstone-griddles/1002-blackstone-original-36in-griddle-with-hood-2151.html.

Many people have been dreaming about an outdoor cooking station and this new addition of a 36” Griddle with a Hood of Blackstone has got 4 independent heat zones that can allow for maximum control while cooking meals.

With its square body with dolly wheels, it may resemble a glamorised pushcart, but any user won’t be without firepower thanks to the four separate gas burners for heat control that can crank out a scorching 60,000 BTUs freshersweb.com.

It can flip up to 28 burgers, 16 steaks, or a whopping 72 hot dogs at once, among other fantastic capabilities.

Excellent for gathering of any size that it can accommodate.

The griddle is a 36″ cooking surface that is made of rolled steel rather than stainless steel, as one can certainly infer from the name. a deliberate decision that makes it simpler for the griddle to “season”.

It contains a huge shelf underneath the main griddle, 2 side shelves for working areas that can be folded away, and a grease trap that is mounted in the back.

Its sturdy steel frame structure is not lightweight; in fact, it weighs more than 120lbs. Even though it is not transportable, its locking wheels make it manoeuvrable, so if someone needs to move it, then it won’t require a complete baseball team to do it.

Design and details:

  • Perfect for any restaurant-style cooking for small and large groups
  • The Rear Grease Management system can remove grease and mess
  • Fuelled by liquid propane
  • Steel housing meant for long-lasting outdoor use
  • 4 burner controls for manipulating the cooking area
  • Features one bottle opened towel bar and tool holder
  • Includes hood
  • Country of Origin: Imported from the USA
  • Style: 1899B
  • Brand: Blackstone


  • Number of Main Burners: 4
  • Main Burners BTUs: 60,000 BTUs
  • Locking Casters/Wheels: Yes
  • Lid Material: Steel Hood
  • Ignition type: Electronic
  • Total Cooking Area is 756 sq. inches
  • Two side shelves with a lower shelf
  • Portable: Yes
  • Fuel Type: Liquid Propane

Warranty and Support

A one-year warranty that will cover all parts, workmanship, and finishes is included with every Blackstone product. Additionally, if users are not satisfied with any grills or griddles, then they can return them for a refund within 30 days.

Their website is jam-packed with useful information, including details on accessories, a list of FAQs, and also links to instruction manuals in case any user ever loses their own instruction manual.

There is limited stock available now and so, in order to avoid any disappointment, interested people must order online today!

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