Buy Crypto With A Credit Card From KuCoin

Crypto currency trading can seem intimidating to many beginners since it is common for traders to use crypto currencies to buy other crypto currencies; however, Kucoin is a reliable, safe, and easy-to-use platform where you can buy, sell, and even trade crypto currencies for fiat currencies. That is not; on Kucoin, you can buy these crypto currencies in exchange for fiat currencies using your credit card as well as your debit card, and it is very simple. There are different methods you can use to buy crypto with the help of your credit card. So let us delve deeper into how you can use your credit card to buy crypto on Kucoin.

How To Buy Crypto With Your Credit Card 

On Kucoin, users have many beneficial features such as outstanding security and a seemingly unending source of information, such as crypto prices, Doge Prices, BTC/USDT exchange rates, and more. Another benefit of using Kucoin is being able to buy crypto currencies using your credit card, and this option is rarely available on other crypto trading platforms.

To buy crypto with your credit card, you need to go to the homepage of Kucoin, and then the second step is to hover your cursor over “Buy Crypto.” A drop-down menu will open with three options, Fast trade, P2P, and Third-parties. You must click on Fast trade, and this will lead you to another page on Kucoin. On the new page, users will be shown a form on the right, which says “I want to buy.” where you open the drop-down menu and select the crypto currency you want to buy. Below the option, there is an “I want to spend.” option where you can open the drop-down menu to choose the fiat currency you want to spend.

Afterward, the user can select the card they want to use below the “I want to spend” option. After this, the user can select “Buy <cryptocurrency>” at the bottom of the form in green color. An option to bind the credit card may also appear for first-time users, and this means they will not have to enter their card details again and again when they make transactions. Instead, their transactions will become much faster in the future if they bind their card to Kucoin’s database. It is completely safe as Kucoin has an exceptional security system that is managed by competent IT personnel who make use of the latest security technology.

Before you buy using your credit card, you will need to register an account, then verify your identity; then will you be able to buy crypto on kucoin through your credit card.


Kucoin has numerous beneficial features for its users, which include being able to use credit cards to buy and sell crypto currencies. This is a rare feature in the crypto trading platform world. Kucoin provides safety for the user’s assets and accounts, so their confidential details remain confidential and secret. Users can also bind their credit cards to Kucoin for faster transactions in the future.

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