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Have you ever woken up with intense pain in one of your muscles that does not allow you to move normally and that hurts a lot. Do you think you need a massage but don’t know whether to do it or not? We tell you what the benefits of performing a good massage are. There are numerous benefits that we can achieve through massage. Massage relieves both physical and emotional stress controls anxiety and depression, as it reduces cortisol levels stress hormone DE contracts and relaxes the muscles,

by increasing blood circulation and also reduces heart rate and lowers blood pressure They help relieve pain, and regulate and reduce physical tension improve the ability to fall asleep. It strengthens the immune system Reduces inflammation by improving lymphatic circulation.

Which is why in our aesthetic medicine center in Singapore, we recommend them to give the body a deep dose of well-being to enjoy some of its amazing benefits help reduce back and headache pain. The relaxing massage stimulates blood circulation, helps relax the muscles and releases the tension that accumulates in them. This benefit allows alleviating the pain that is located in the back and in the head due to tension, in addition to combating body stiffness.

Among the benefits of relaxing massage, its power to offer a state of deep tranquility stands out thanks to the fact that it reduces the levels of the hormone cortisol in the body, which allows the entire human body to receive and process more oxygen. The activation of the circulation through manual massage helps to detoxify the body more effectively, for this reason more and more people go to aesthetic centers with the aim of performing lymphatic drainage. Get rid of stress, worries and a sedentary life and sitting for many hours a day cause muscle tension and pain. A relaxing massage is the best option to alleviate these symptoms, prevent contractures and get us moving without discomfort or complications.

Between the stress and worries about so many responsibilities that must be faced every day, it is necessary to dedicate time to health. To do this, you can take advantage of the benefits of tantric massage. In this article, we will discuss about its benefits. Thus, you can include it in the measures that help you to combat stress; minimizing the negative effects that this produces in the body actually, the body receives the benefits of massage when it is performed by a specialist. So you have to remember the importance of resorting to a trained person. This will prevent later aches and pains from using poor technique.

What areas of the body require more massages?

When performing a massage, the therapist must be gentle and progressively increase the pressure or force in certain movements, to the extent that the patient allows it Keep in mind that a tight muscle needs time to loosen or relax, and excessive pressure can cause more pain and inflammation The places that usually require massage are the neck, back and waist areas. In this sense, stress and nerves affect especially the neck and back. The waist, on the other hand, is more affected by poor movements or carrying inadequate weights.

You already know the benefits of massage for the health of the body and how pleasant a session can be. So, with prior medical approval, go to a specialist to give your body a massage that revitalizes it and makes you feel better Massage is a method of evaluation and manual treatment of those parts of the human body that present some ailment. The main benefits of outcall massages are many : improve pain, reduce or eliminate muscle tension, improve blood and lymphatic circulation.

Pressure, friction or hitting rhythmically with intensity and appropriate direction certain parts of the body are used. Although massages are usually done with the hands, feet or elbows can also be used interchangeably, including instruments such as bamboo, rocks or rollers, depending on the type of massage, for which area it is directed: back, tired legs , among others and its benefit.  Next, we have for you the types of massages that exist.

It is used to relax the muscles in order to relieve the tensions that can be caused by stress, lack of rest or poor posture. This massage is highly recommended for those people who, due to excessive physical exercise, have been able to contract a muscle and for those other people who, due to a sedentary lifestyle, force certain postures or adopt other inconvenient ones.They improve sleep , since they seem to increase delta waves in the brain, which are related to deep sleep. So if you have trouble sleeping, you already know a trick to fall asleep in bed they increase immunity. When a person experiences a period of stress, it is very typical for them to fall ill. As it turns out, massage can prevent this, as people who enjoy massage sessions

Women have more benefits than men; since massages can reduce bothersome premenstrual symptoms such as bloating or mood swings that often experienced. They improve alertness. One study showed that people receiving massages report an increase in speed and accuracy in performing mathematical calculations Relaxing massages also activate the circulatory system, with which there is a greater supply of oxygen in the body. They lower blood pressure and facilitate venous return. We must remember that the skin is a living organ that is felt through blood circulation, therefore, the better the blood circulates and the more oxygenated it is, the better our skin will look.

Reduces the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Thanks to the activation of blood circulation, the inflammation of the area is reduced, caused by the beginning of a new menstrual cycle, relieving the pain considerably Whether you experience an occasional knot in your shoulder or suffer from nagging muscle pain, the benefits of massage go beyond simply relaxing those tense spots. It is true that you will feel relief from the tension and aches in your lower back, but you will also give your body a well-deserved dose of care and attention.

It is important that before you continue reading, you know that outcall massage does not only focus on muscle pain, but also helps other important aspects of life such as: improvement of defenses, prevention of aging and even reduction of stress. And depression Massages in general are associated with countless benefits that are worth knowing. If you notice that lately you are involved in the most modern evil, such as stress, take a deep breath and make the decision to immerse yourself in a good physiotherapy session.  Keep in mind that stress is characterized by the development of different muscle aches and pains and that massages help to ward off these symptoms, as well as provide countless benefits for your body.

The benefits of massages act on a physical and emotional level

Producing a regeneration of the entire body when receiving a massage it is possible to identify the sensations and the changes that occur at the level of breathing, openness, and well-being and calm. You experience a relief in muscular tension, which helps to release on a mental level. Other subtle changes occur at the same time due to neural and nerve transmissions, resulting in deep relaxation.

Our fast-changing society works at a pace that requires some adaptive stress. This type of stress is not the same one that helped us to flee from the lions when we walked through the caves, but it is a stress maintained over time Continuous stress creates muscle tension and a feeling of tiredness , which on many occasions,

We cannot restore during that is why massages are ideal for this type of situation that is so common in our present, since they relax the muscles and stimulate blood flow On the other hand, there is a greater oxygenation of the body, and they relieve pain and reduce stress.  By unloading tension, points of tension are released, relaxing all the senses, so they are also good for sleeping better.

Benefits of massages: how do they improve our quality of life?

The sense of touch is the largest sensory receptor that our body has. Through physical contact they improve attention and communication processes, as well as the feeling of closeness and inclusion This generates oxytocin in the brain, the hormone of happiness As Oscar Wilde said Heal the soul through the senses and the senses through the soul!.

Another benefit of massage is to improve the lymphatic system and promote circulation, since it increases the flow of lymphatic fluid, improving the lymph node system, which is responsible for eliminating toxins from our body.  It also produces an increase in the supply of oxygen to the tissues and organs, which benefits health in general, helping to combat cellulite It improves flexibility, essential for athletes, unloads the muscles and releases the tension caused by regular training routines They help us recover from fatigue, since they balance the sympathetic system with the parasympathetic system. To find a balance between both nervous systems.

It is first necessary to relax the sympathetic system and one of the most effective ways to do this is by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system through massage Massages help stimulate the respiratory system by deepening and stabilizing breathing patterns. They make inspiration longer and as a consequence, maintenance and expiration slow down.

Outcall massages Singapore we have opted for the most popular massages on the market. These are: neck and back massage, head and face, feet and legs and whole body. In this way the client can access the treatment of specific areas of his body and enjoy relaxation with different perceptions, making the offer a complete service.

Benefits of each massage and the effects of including them in our routine.

Enjoying a massage of these characteristics a week will have a deconstructing and tension-releasing effect. Little by little, the tensions in the back, neck and shoulders will disappear and give way to a more flexible, healthy and vital spine. It is perfect to get rid of stress and walk through life with more health, joy and serenity Including this massage in your routine translates into: greater mental clarity, more body-mind harmony , being more in the presence and less in the head and relieving head, face and neck tensions.  On the other hand, you give the skin the necessary care so that it regenerates, oxygenates and looks healthy and bright.

The full body massage in your weekly routine can be a before and after. It is very rewarding to become aware of body rhythms, rest needs, when to eat and when not to eat. In general, it facilitates the change of life towards healthier habits. Contact with the body leads us to walk irremediably to better health. In addition, the full body massage helps to correct any physical or emotional imbalance, whether it is more superficial or deep, the changes will be noticed little by little.

These, among many other reasons, invite us to include massages in our body care rituals. These are ideal for our emotional well-being, which will gradually give way to greater physical health. If your body is stressed and you are pressured by work or personal issues, your body can overproduce cortisol known as the stress hormone.  The excess of this hormone in your body can contribute to negative aspects such as weight gain, lack of sleep, gastrointestinal problems  massages, in addition to relieving stress when practiced regularly over a long period of time, can increase energy and vitality , reduce or eliminate pain and provide physical and mental

When we feel stress or pain in one of our muscles, there is nothing better to relieve it than a good massage. Precisely, spas provide various types of these treatments Relaxing and deconstructing massage are two of the most popular for the benefits they give people. However, these treatments have their similarities, which can lead to confusion.

If so, you have probably suffered from a muscle contracture. It is in this case when a deconstructing massage should be performed. According to specialists, one of the main recommendations to treat your muscle contracture is a deconstructing massage.

Today we want to tell you how you can know when and with what ailment you should go to the spa for a relaxing massage or a deconstructing one precisely, both massages seek to release muscle tension and combat pain. The most important difference is that relaxing massages also seek to bring the patient to a better level of well-being In the relaxing massage, you massage slowly and less pressure is exerted than when you perform a deconstructing massage. This lower pressure provides greater relaxation In the deconstructing massage, the pressure of the masseur’s hands is greater. This causes some discomfort during the session, which is normal due to the pressure exerted.

This massage is used to relax the muscle and dissolve contractures, returning the muscles to their natural state, relieving the tension on them Once we have managed to reduce the level of stress and tension in the back or neck, our muscles will be more relaxed, blood circulation will improve in the affected parts and we will feel a significant reduction in pain.

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