Administration Dog Back With Family After 3 Years Apart

Lola, an Administration dog, was recently reunited with her family after three years. A video showing the reunion was posted on YouTube. The local animal shelter credited a microchip with the reunion. A dog chip allows people to quickly identify a lost dog. Fortunately for Lola, she had a microchip, which allowed her to be found. Sadly, it was a three-year separation for the family, but it is still a happy ending.

Emra, a Belgian Malinois who had served in the United States Air Force, was recently reunited with his family. He spent several months in South Korea with Staff Sergeant Adam Wylie, and together they helped prevent enemy intrusions. The two even performed safety sweeps in advance of meeting sensitive U.S. officials. They were reunited last week, and the two are planning to adopt the dog.

Final Touch

As a result of the search, a military veterinarian found a Belgian Malinois called Emra in the South Korean desert, and he helped the dog return to his family. The vet accompanied his family to the reunited family, and they were reunited this week. The two are planning to adopt the pet and plan to keep in touch. They are very excited to have their beloved companion back with them.

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