May 18, 2021
A Pixel Watch with built-in camera revealed by Patent

A Pixel Watch with built-in camera revealed by Patent

With the launch of Google’s smartphones, Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL, one can expect the launch of a Pixel- branded smartwatch powered by Wear operating system; a device that Google has been working on for some time now. The rumors of the launch sparked due to a new patent that was granted to the company by the US Patent and Trademark Office for a smartwatch with a built- in camera. The filing of this patent by the company was done in 2017, over 2 years ago.

The idea of a built- in camera in a smartwatch is not new in the market as there are other companies who have been offering such watches too. However; interestingly, a smartwatch with a built- in camera has not featured in any of the popular smartwatch brands including the likes of Samsung, Apple and Huawei. For the smartwatch by Google, the technology that will be used in it is being speculated to be of Pixel itself.

The placement of the camera just by looking at the images of the smartwatch included in the patent is difficult to determine. Will it sport a punch hole camera style design or will the final display and the camera, have space in between them or if it is a built- in one is hard to decipher looking at the images included in the patent. Another speculation has arisen with context to a missing crown spotted in the images included in the patent. This could mean that maybe the a digital ring like the one in Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 might be included in Google’s smartwatch or maybe a simple touch screen display is in place for this one. Whether or not the company is still interested in launching a new smartwatch is questionable considering that the patent for it was filed by it almost two years back. Though the idea of a smartwatch by Google makes even more sense when the connection of buying intellectual property rights of Fossil and a portion of the R& D of Fossil comes into light. Since, this has already happened in the beginning of this year, it is easy to believe that a Pixel watch might in fact be the next thing for the tech giant, sooner or later.

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