A Buying Guide to Sexy Underwear for Men

From dresses to lingerie, women have a variety of styles and colours in each clothing section to view. However, men stick to black, white and grey tones. Most men’s underwear brands stick to boxers, briefs or boxer briefs. With limited styles in lingerie, making a fashion statement becomes impossible for men. 

However, with more demand for lingerie for men, there is a plethora of stylish underwear that keep one confident and comfortable. Read on to understand what to look for and consider before choosing the right pair. 

What is Men’s Lingerie?

A progressive community vocal about its needs sheds light on the lack of gender-expansive underwear. For male models, the lack of variation in underwear options was frustrating. 

The need for tight-fitted yet liberating men’s underwear was noticeable. 

Men’s lingerie also includes options like thongs and g-strings. They have support factors and comfortable fits, making them revolutionary clothing options. 

What to Look for While Shopping?


One of the most crucial factors for comfort is size. Choosing the appropriate size for your proportions ensures that the underwear doesn’t slip off. Some choose smaller sizes for additional support, but this can make the clothing uncomfortable. 

Before going lingerie shopping, measure your hips and waist. The waist is where the underwear band sits, and the hips are the widest part. Different brands have varying standard sizes, so always look at the dimensions. 


Stray away from the typical boxer-brief lifestyle and try something new. While thongs seem uncomfortable, most users laud them for being the most breathable and comfy. G-strings are also a revolutionary style to try out.

One of the most frequent concerns about lingerie for men is support. Many men worry about how flimsy and tiny the underwear seems. However, most brands have special features that provide you with enough support. With that in mind, don’t be afraid to try newer styles. 

Comfort and Support

Underwear is an essential clothing item. With it being worn through an entire day and being in direct contact with skin, comfort is crucial. 

Many factors such as material, size, and support contribute to comfort. 

While looking for support, opt for snug pouches instead of bands and pockets. Supporting bands may slip and need readjustment, and front pockets need an extra layer of fabric which makes them stuffy and unbreathable. 



Lace is the most popular material for aesthetic lingerie. While it takes time to adapt to its feel, it looks sexy and sensual. Lace maintenance can also be tedious and needs utmost care. 


Cotton is one of the most comfortable materials accessible to humans. It is breathable, moisture-wicking and stretchy. Cotton underwear is perfect for humid and hot weather as it keeps you dry and cool. 


Nylon remains a popular material in the men’s underwear industry. The fabric has a smooth feel, and its durability is incomparable. Additionally, its colour retention is impeccable. Nylon underwear looks new even after multiple uses. 


This regenerated cellulosic fabric is the softest material for lingerie for men. It is also over fifty per cent more water-absorbent than cotton, keeping you dry and cool. It has high wet strength allowing users to machine wash and tumble-dry without worrying about wear. 


Silk underwear provides wearers with the most luxurious feel. It serves as an insulator and is perfect for cold weather. Its unbreathable nature makes it impossible to use in the heat. While the fabric is elegant and soft, maintenance needs utmost care and attention. 


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