5 Ways For Parents To Save Money With Their Grocery Shop

Grocery shopping is expensive at the best times, never mind when adding children to the equation. From buying snacks to fresh and frozen food, you need so many products when making meals for your family, and the cost sure does add up.

To help you devise a shopping system that ensures you find all the products you need without breaking the bank, we have put together five steps you can try out.

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Make a list

Making a shopping list is the best way to prevent yourself from purchasing things you don’t really need. Your list will keep your mind on a goal, which makes unplanned purchases less likely.

Bulk Buy

When done smartly, bulk buying will save you money on items you use frequently. For example, if your household goes through lots of rice and you see that rice is on offer when you’re in the supermarket, now would be an excellent time to stock up. This will save you from buying more rice later when the price has gone back up.

Meal plan

You will know exactly what you need when visiting the store by planning your meals. Having a precise plan in mind will help you avoid getting drawn into deals and displays that can often grab shoppers’ attention.

Familiarize yourself with unit prices

Taking note of unit prices will help you be able to spot the most cost-effective ways of shopping. In addition, you will be able to compare unit pricing amongst different brands selling the same product, finding which has the best value for the amount you need.

Shop online & combine all the steps above by using services like Instacart

Instacart is a way you can shop online, with many supermarkets and local stores available for you to purchase from through their service.

You can either use the Instacart app or website to create an account, either for free or you can start an Express Membership for $9.99 to gain free delivery on orders over $35.

Using Instacart is a great way to save money, as you have access to the lowest priced and deal-driven grocery stores such as Aldi and Costco. You can also favorite your most frequently bought products, meaning you won’t have the chance to become distracted when browsing.

If uncertainty over delivery has put you off ordering groceries online before, you can rest assured when using Instacart that your order will be delivered whenever you request. Whether this be within 60 minutes of purchase, on the same day as delivery or sometime later in the week; all options are available!

If you’d like to give Instacart a go to help you get started on your money-saving journey, we have an Instacart Promo Code.

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