5 Tips to Start Nordic Walking for Health

Walking is a natural human movement, so this kind of fitness is available to everyone without exception. Too easy? Then take Nordic walking poles. Walking with poles through the work of the hands involves more than 90% of the muscles, which makes Nordic walking no less effective for weight loss than running or swimming. You can do it at any time of year and in any weather. So, here are a few rules that will help you quickly tone up your body after the vacation.

If you’re not a professional ballerina or athlete who likes to count calories 365 days a week, and you like to sweat it out on vacation, prepare for vacation in advance – at least 2-3 weeks in advance. You can take a course of detox and “dry” the body a little bit. Firstly, it will accustom the body not to overeat during the vacations, and secondly, won’t bring too much extra weight. You can do this by doing days of unloading and giving up fried, salty, floury and sweet things. Your body will thank you.

In a situation when the extra weight still appeared after a shock vacation, begin to fight with it, without delaying because the temporary fat can quickly grow into permanent. Nordic walking and dieting in combination will give excellent weight loss results.

Follow the Nordic Walking Technique

Of course, you can walk with twigs, but it’s better to approach the question seriously, then the effect will come faster. If you are a beginner, then don’t spare the time and money and take your first lesson under the guidance of an experienced coach. He will show you the basic exercises for warming up and warming up, and introduce the correct technique and help in choosing the equipment for walking. Remember that during the movement the work of arms and legs should be synchronized, as in skiing, and the foot shouldn’t strike the ground, and gently roll from heel to toe. This will avoid unnecessary injuries and save your knee joints and spine.

Don’t Be Lazy

As with any form of cardio exercise, during walking, fat begins to “melt” in 40-50 minutes after the start of the exercise. Nordic Walking for weight loss is a long exercise: you need to exercise for at least 70 minutes to achieve the effect. If you are not ready for such loads, then increase the time and speed gradually, starting from 20-30 minutes and with a speed of 5-6 km/h. For a fun workout, control the pace and time of the workout, focusing on how you feel. Training, similar to betting via a legal online bookmaker, should be fun, not torture or stress.

Do Special Exercises

Everyone who loses weight should supplement their workouts with special exercises. We start the workout with joint exercises to tone the body and prepare the joints for the load. And at the end, you can do squats, lunges, inclines and surely stretching, which will sculpt our muscles and get rid of lactic acid.

Control Your Breathing

As strange as it may seem, the most important role in weight loss is not the excretory system or the heart (as some people think), but our lungs. It’s with breathing that carbon dioxide, which was previously transformed into fat, is eliminated. You should supplement your workouts with breathing exercises. During the Nordic walking exercise the use of breathing techniques is particularly effective because the training takes place in nature and there is no unnecessary release of adrenaline, as when running. Try to breathe in through your belly or breathe out through your nose and out through your mouth, keeping your lips in a tube. You can do up to 15 repetitions of each exercise. Try to relax as much as possible and concentrate fully on your breathing, try to feel your body movements.

Watch Your Diet

Physical activity won’t help to lose weight if you like to “eat your workout” calorie cake or a big portion of fried potatoes with chops. It’s unnecessary to declare a hunger strike or sit on a mono-diet. It is enough to limit yourself a little in the diet, to refuse excessive consumption of sweets, fried, salty and fatty foods, and do not eat after 6:00 pm. An easy diet combined with Nordic walking will bring the first result in a week, and in 2-4 weeks you will notice serious changes in the mirror.

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