3 Steps To Do Competitor Analysis in Digital Marketing

Competitor analysis has been a very important part in every business sphere, and it also became a popular strategy in digital marketing. As competition is really high in digital marketing, you need to identify your competitors and always keep in track with their activity in the market. But the most important part in competitive analysis is to determine the main purpose of doing that. Here are three easy steps to take into consideration while doing competitor analysis if you work in digital marketing. 

But first of all, let’s take a look at what competitor analysis in general is and why is it so important? 

What is competitor analysis? 

Competitor analysis is usually organized to identify the strengths and weaknesses of industry competitors, define your company’s position in relation to them, also compare in some cases, and highlight gaps and estimate your potential to fill them. It gives an opportunity to not copy them, not make the same mistakes as they did, and, overal,l be aware about their strategy and activity in digital marketing. 

The primary goal of competitor analysis is to gather comprehensive information about competitors and their activity, measure results, and use the obtained results with benefits by gaining a competitive advantage.

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1. Identify key competitors

Before starting a competitor analysis you should first identify who your key competitors are. If you are running an office fitness challenge apps business, then start your research in the fitness industry. This will help you determine your main competitors and focus only on them and their activity. Moreover, it will save you time and the efforts if analyzing your competitors is more targeted and efficient. As digital marketing is a diverse market, distinguishing the competitors who are more common with your industry will be a more complex approach from a strategic point of view. click here the website cinebloom you can find out the lots of information 1mut

2. Analyze your competitors’ SEO strategy

Consider monitoring your competitors’ SEO performance as it’s the part of digital marketing where results speak about success and failure. Analyze website metrics by doing detailed SEO competitor analysis and track results. By including SEO as a metric in your competitive analysis, you’ll be able to determine whether and how your on-page, off-page, and technical SEO health is affecting your ability to compete in search and in your market generally. 

3. Analyze your competitors’ social media presence

Not the last, but one of the important parts in digital marketing is social media marketing. Moreover, in this case also, social media metrics and numbers are able to show the overall effectiveness of your competitors’ strategy. Analyze competitors’ social media presence, track their activity, look at the social media posts and campaigns. Track metrics such as how many social media platforms they’re active at, what type of content they create, how the audiences engage with them, and consider other components that will show you the full image about your competitors’ presence on social media. 


To summarize, competitor analysis is essential for your marketing strategy, so consider doing deep and detailed research. After all, the digital marketing analysis of your competitors will help you gain a better understanding of the market and develop your own campaigns by maximally avoiding copying competitors and making the same mistakes.

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