April 21, 2021
To Combat Climate Change, Microsoft to Go 'Carbon Negative' by 2030

To Combat Climate Change, Microsoft to Go ‘Carbon Negative’ by 2030

By 2030, which means in another decade Microsoft is pledging to remove its carbon out of the air in its attempt to manage global warming.

Renewable energies and electric vehicles will be used to run the company’s infrastructure, and activating including planting entire forests and investing an amount worth $1 million to fund carbon capture technologies will be attempted by Microsoft as a part of its plan to go “carbon negative”.

In Thursday’s big announcement, the company President, Brad Smith said that if carbon emission is not curtailed, the global warming effects will lead to catastrophic outcomes according to scientists.

With the rising global temperatures by one to four degrees Celsius, Microsoft has devided to take one step ahead from its original plan to become a “carbon neutral” company. In other words, whee at one point the company aimed to offset its carbon emission through options like preventing cutting off of trees by paying off the person doing so,; now the company wants to make more efforts to curb emissions specifically.

Smith made it clear in his announcement that in the given environment crisis, being carbon neutral is not enough. Apart from avoiding emissions, investment in the direction of removing carbon from the atmosphere is also of prime importance according to Smith.

This also means that by 20250, all the emission the company has generated needs to be removed as a part of its plan to go “carbon negative”. Employee’s business travel, company’s supply chain of manufacturing vendors also generates carbon emission, which the company now needs to cut down.

Tech giants such as Amazon and Google are already under a lot of pressure from their own employees to take a stand for managing the climate change crisis. The employees of these companies have had several protests for the same. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that up until now, Microsoft’s plans have turned out to be the most concrete and aggressive of all other tech companies.


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