April 21, 2021

The Controversial Plan to Sell Ads in WhatsApp on hold for now

Recent reports have revealed that the plan to sell ads in WhatsApp which had been a rather controversial topic, leading to the resigning of the creators of the messaging app over 18 months ago; has now in fact been dropped by Facebook.

The team that had been put in place to find the best way to integrate ads into the popular service has been disbanded by Facebook and their work has been deleted from WhatsApp’s code,in the recent years.

Despite being so popular and being used by over 1,5 billion people all over the world, the Facebook- owned social messaging service platform still needs to pay dividends. This news is a further detour from Facebook’s plan to monetize WhatsApp.

The app was created in 2009 and in 2014, through a blockbuster deal of $22 billion Facebook bought the app. After inception, primarily the download fee and an annual subscription of $0.99 was the app’s source of income. Post acquisition however, the social media giant made the messaging app free for all. Selling ads on the platform was supposed to be the next move as per the company’s revelation made in the year 2018.

Prototypes of ads in the app’s Status feature were formally unveiled by Facebook. However; now these efforts have been backed off from. These plans have not been terminated for good though; it is just that for now the aim is to build money- making features which allow businesses to communicate with customers. Managing these interactions is also an important aspect that is in focus right now.

Needless to say, if and when ads are to be introduced on the platform, the users need to notified formally.

India happens to be one of the regions where the service has gained immense popularity, given which WhatsApp has been testing projects related to payments as many users use the platform for commerce and customer service.


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