Slow-Loading Websites; Google will warn you now


You will soon be notified about websites that load slowly, courtesy Google Chrome. By doing so Google believes it can motivate the website developers to work on speeding- up their page’s load time. On Monday, the Google Chrome team took to its blog post to share that they would like inform the users beforehand about a site they might be trying to access and that if it may take time in loading. Those developers’ whose sites deliver faster experience will thus be rewarded.

“Badging” sites that take long- load periods is being attempted, however; the question of how is still being contemplated by the company. As a slow website loads, a red warning signal with words “usually lads slow” being labeled could be an alternative. Those websites that load fast can be indicated by using a green progress bar on the browser; as another alternative.

A “contexts menu” is also being weighed by the company. The objective it will fulfill is that before you visit a website you can check the “contexts menu” which will offer a link showing the usual speed it takes to load that site.

In the blog post by the Chrome team, it explained that by checking a website’s “historical load latencies”, the company will determine its loading time. It also shared that eventually, a user’s device and network conditions will also be taken in account to identify when a page is expected to load slowly for that particular user.

A time has not been scheduled for these changes to show, the company has just adopted this name- and- shame technique, where sites will be identified if they are fast or slow gradually, on the basis of “increasingly stringent criteria”.The ultimate objective of the company is to ensure a high- quality experience for its users, which will not be limited to just speed.


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