October 19, 2021

Pure-Vu GEN2 to Clean Colons during Colonoscopy Exams get FDA clearance

Motus GI, a company now headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has won FDA clearance for the latest version of its Pure-Vu colon cleansing system. Designed for use during colonoscopies, the system is designed to clear out debris left in the colon that can hinder proper visualization of potential polyps.

It has often been found that not many people are able to fast and follow the guidelines required before a colonoscopy procedure. In some cases the patient tends to follow the guidelines, and yet is left with a dirty colon. A host of issues may arise with the colon still being dirty prior to the exam such as having to cancel and rescheduling procedures, failure of noticing polyps, delay in treatment and lastly frustrated physicians.

Pure- Vu is a system that directly washes the colon and evacuates the muck working with existing colonoscopies. While maintaining the cleaning capabilities of Pure- Vu, its latest version Pure- Vu GEN2 is a further improvement to it. The new version has advance navigation and is easier to move around and set up as well.

According to Tim Moran, Chief Executive Officer of Motus GI, an important milestone has been achieved by the company with the FDA clearance for Pure- Vu GEN2. The Pure-Vu® System continues to demonstrate outstanding cleansing performance in poorly prepped colons. A statistically significant improvement in colon cleanliness in hospitalized patients, as recently demonstrated by the positive outcome of our REDUCE study has also been noted. He further added that with their robust portfolio of health economic and clinical data coupled with 510(k) clearance from the FDA of Pure-Vu® GEN2, they are now well positioned to execute their planned commercial launch of the Pure-Vu® System in this year itself. Furthermore, they can now move forward towards their goal of establishing the Pure-Vu® System as a new standard of care in key endoscopy segments.


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