April 21, 2021
3D print artificial bone and skin using human blood plasma

On Way to Mars, printing skin, bones for surgeries will now be possible

It has been a distant hope to travel to our closest planet, Mars with the objective to make it another base for eternity, as it will take years before any practical mission there could be executed. An important, rather mandatory requirement is the health of the astronauts who are undertaking the job. Considering this, customized tissues are vital, and researchers are working hard to find ways to be able to do so. Not just for the astronauts, but even down here; a way to restore damaged or diseased tissues is most welcome.

A way to 3D print artificial bone and skin using human blood plasma has now been developed by researchers at the University Hospital of Dresden Technical University; with OHB Systems AG and Blue Horizon, two firms involved in topics relating to life in space. In an attempt to provide the technical capabilities for traveling to Mars, European Space Agency’s (ESA) is putting in these efforts.

Cells like nutrients reside in blood plasma, making it a great bio- ink. Thickening it was required by the researchers which they managed to do by using methylcellulose. the viscosity of the substance was increased to make sure it is pushed through a 3D printer nozzle and then stay in place. The new substance is pretty thick and can even be used to print upside down.

Head of ESA’s Structures, Mechanisms and Materials Division, overseeing the project, Tommaso Ghidini said that there are several years involved in space when a journey to Mars or other interplanetary destinations is being thought of, and carrying enough medical supplies for all possible eventualities would be impossible in the limited space and mass of a spacecraft. In such a case a 3D bioprinitng capability will be the appropriate answer to medical emergencies as they arise.

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