Including India, 20 countries targeted in a WhatsApp hack; most victims being government officials


A WhatsApp hack by NSO Group, an Israeli hacking group, targeting government officials of as many as 20 countries has now come to light, post which the app has sued the Group. The hack has been a serious one questioning the security features of WhatsApp and Facebook yet again.

 Allegedly as many as 1,400 Whatsapp users were hacked between the period starting from April 29th to May 10th this year. The victims WhatsApp account came directly under the control of the hackers as per the revelations made.

India was among the countries whose users were targeted by the hack along with other countries such as the United States, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Mexico and so on. In other words, US-allied countries’ senior government officials became the victims of this hacking.

The admission of its guilt was finally made by the NSO group, which has initially denied all allegations. Government customers are sold the WhatsApp spyware created by NSO group. Naturally, the involvement of various government officials to target their colleagues cannot be ruled out.

It has been revealed that at least 100 victims of the WhatsApp hack were journalists and journalists. This information was provided by an independent group called Citizen Lab which collaborated with WhatsApp post this hack to identify the victims, some of which have come forward by themselves as well.

The WhatsApp breach has been asked to be explained by the Indian government as shared by the telecom Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad. While it has been confirmed that amongst the victims Indian users were also present, the social messaging service provider has also informed these very Indian victims about the hack.As many as 20 victims out of the projected total of 1,400 victims are from India as per reports.


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