October 19, 2021
Elite Trafford Global Equity Fund aims to raise US$200 million

Elite Trafford Global Equity Fund aims to raise US$200 million

With the objective to secure funds worth US$2000 million for its new global equity fund created for undervalued startups; a private equity firm based out of Singapore, Elite Partners Capital, launched in August has managed to raise a sum of over US$20 million since then.

Firms that are being undervalued by the market and hit by short- term negative factors but otherwise exhibit strong long- term fundamentals are offered to investors through the help of Elite Partners Capital which with an investment horizon lasting between two to five years, holds positions in such startups.

Their Global Equity Fund, namely Elite Trafford Global Equity Fund is being viewed as an opportune addition to Elite’s growing assets under managements according to the Chief executive Officer of Elite, Victor Song. He further explained that exposure to discounted, though high- value equities with eventual above market returns will be exposed to investors with this. Accredited under the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s guidelines, net- worth investors will be targeted with respect to fundraising.

Furthermore, investors well versed with the risks associated with such an investment and seeking long term capital appreciation will be much more suitable for it as this investment strategy will take a while to play out to its potential.

According to the portfolio director of the new fund, the idea is to invest in companies that show promise to sustain in the slowing global economy and consequential uncertainty of the market. A strong team with expertise in private equity and real estate investment trusts (REITs) back the Singapore headquartered firm, Elite Partners Capital. Protection of initial capital, preservation of the investment value and create growth opportunities form the investment philosophy of the firm.

A Norwegian provider of advanced solutions for tracking and recording the temperature of perishable and sensitive products whilst being stored and transported; TAG sensors, received an investment sum of US$ 2.18 million in July by Elite Partners Capital.

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