October 19, 2021
Claims of sexual harassment and other misconduct has prompted investigation of Alphabet’s executives by the company’s board

Claims of sexual harassment and other misconduct has prompted investigation of Alphabet’s executives by the company’s board

According to reports by CNBC, an independent subcommittee has been formed along with hiring a law firm that will look into Alphabet’s executives with respect to how they have handled misconduct claims in the company.
David Drummond, who is the company’s chief legal officer, is one of the executives directly under investigation given the news of his extramarital affair with an employee of the same company which had first been discovered in the year 2017. Android creator, Andy Rubin was also found to have carried on an inappropriate relationship with one of his subordinates as revealed post an internal investigation, just a day after uncovering of Drummond’s affair.
Google employee’s were infuriated upon find out that Rubin had walked out with a $90 million severance pay despite the circumstances under which he left, not to forget he has also cofounded ‘Essential’, the consumer electronic products startup since then.
Amit Singhal, former senior search vice president at Google also chose to quit after he was accused of sexual harassment. He walked out the door with $15 million. However; both Singhal and Rubin denied of any wrongdoing on their part.
Given the impressive payouts, employees at Google have been enraged and been demanding the company to take aggressive steps to stop sexual harassment in the previous years. Google’s Leadership Development and Compensation Committee had approved nboth the payouts in the past.
It is only after the recent headline involving Drummond that seems to have pushed the Committee to finally look into these issues.
John Doerr and Ram Shriram, along with GIlead Sciences CFO Robin Washington, are the investors who helm the committee now.
A statement amid the allegations over Drummond by Drummond himself states that all conversations and details have two sides to them. According to him his former colleague Jennifer Blakely’s accusations are based on her perception of things and very different from how he views what happened between them.

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