March 1, 2021

Animal-Derived Devices to be replaced by Nanocomposite Heart Valve

A nanocomposite biomaterial heart valve that could provide an alternative to the animal valves that are currently used as heart valve replacements has been developed by the researchers at the University of British Columbia (UBC). A transcatheter can be used to help nanocomposite valves be delivered to the heart, facilitating a minimally invasive placement. The new valve developed by the researches is exclusively designed for high- risk patients.

A researcher involved in the study, Hadi Mohammadi said that the existing transcatheter heart valves are made of tissues from animals, majorly the pericardium membrane from a cow’s heart. Moreover, their success rate is till date has not been very impressive. Importantly, they have some major drawbacks including implantation risks and chances of coronary obstruction and acute kidney injury.

In order to combat these complications involved in the traditional system, a new type of valve replacement made using naturally-derived, but not animal, materials has been developed by the UBC researchers.

Numerous components are used to constitute the valve, such as cellulose, gels and vinyl. The chest does not need to be fully opened during valve placement as it can be delivered through a transcatheter. The valve can simply be inserted by making a small incision, thus unlike a full thoracotomy, this procedure is minimally invasive.

In comparison to the other available options out there, the researchers claim that their valve is more durable. To see if it could provide a viable alternative to current valve replacements, the valve is presently being tested in both animals and human heart stimulators. The valve will eventually be confirmed for clinical trials once the outcomes of the present tests are positive.

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